‘The Shoreline Garage Door Repair technicians worked with such care and precision I was impressed. The outcome of their work was also very impressive.’ – Yvonne G
‘This is the third time I have had Shoreline Garage Door Repair come over to help me with a garage door maintenance issue. Once again their customer service was impeccable and their service delivery stellar.’ – Terrence Randal
‘At my former house our garage door was installed by Shoreline Garage Door Repair so when we moved to a new house they were our natural choice. They came and did another great job on the new house’s garage door.’- Vanessa Derrick
‘All it took was a call, and they were at our house in a matter of minutes. Their same day service is amazing. They have reasonable quotes compared to other companies. That is defiantly a bonus. – Rick Fried
‘I recommended Shoreline Garage Door Repair to a friend of mine. That same friend came back with a beaming report about the work that they had done. We are both very happy and will be recommending Shoreline Garage Door Repair to everyone we know.’ – Dean Stevens
‘From the beginning to the end we didn’t have a complaint. Everything proceeded smoothly and quietly and the new door looks great.’ – Philip and Jade West
‘One criterion which is absolutely important to me is that a company has to be reliable. Shoreline Garage Door Repair impressed me with their efficiency and I couldn’t have asked for more.’ – Mitchell Willis
‘I am always careful about people who come to work at our house because we once had a service company that stole from us. So knowing that we can trust the company that is coming to work on our garage door is important to us. That is why we were so happy with the service offered by Shoreline Garage Door Repair. We were assured that the company did background checks on all its employees and had never had an incident before. We had a smooth garage door installation and will definitely be calling upon the services of Shoreline Garage Door Repair in future.’ – Lee and Gill Smith
‘I will give Shoreline Garage Door Repair a first class for their service. I am happy.’ – Immanuel Perez
‘Their service overall was excellent. The quotation we received for fitting the garage door was fair and we were satisfied.’ – Steve Robert
‘My mother lives alone and I have been thinking of getting the old garage door removed. After Shoreline Garage Door Repair did such a splendid job on my own garage door, they are the ones I have already set my sights on to fix the old garage door over at mum’s place. Thank you for your services Shoreline Garage Door Repair!’ – Madge Fisher